Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend recap

Friday, I went to the Hot Topic TWILIGHT DVD release 'party' -- which wasn't much of a party at all, but me and Rica made do with what it was! haha bahh I'm a little to lazy to type out every detail but here's a quick recap! The DVDs we got were the 2-disc special edition sets with an actual film cell included from the original movie! I'm guessing that all the people who pre-ordered from select Hot Topic stores were the only ones who got the film cell in their DVDs! So I'm happy to have a collectible from the movie! =) I think I'm gonna also buy the one from Borders if it goes on sale, because I'm not about to dish out $40 for another DVD, however - I am FOR SURE ordering the 3-disc set because I want to see what it includes! (yes, I'm nuts. and I'll own 2-3 copies of the movie just because I'm a die-hard fan like that!)

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