Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend recap & Twilight DVD release stuff!

Ok so, makeup-wise, this past weekend was nothing special, just rocked the 'everyday makeup' face the whole weekend -- which for me, consists of MSF medium dark, blush, winged liner, brows, & mascara. I didn't really go anywhere that required the 'full-on face' thing.

Now onto a more exciting note (for me at least), On Sunday, Me and one of my besties Rica, went to Hot Topic to pre-order our Twilight DVDs! SOOOO essited! haha the total came out to around $27.. which for me was pretty decent, especially since the Twilight craze is insane right now.. AND no, that doesn't break the shopping thing I gave up for lent, beacause it wasn't clothes, accessories, or makeup! (but even if it were considered shopping, I don't care! anything for Edward Cullen! -hence, my Edward Cullen pillow case that has made an appearance on my YT channel! lol) So The reason why we preordered, is because select Hop Topic stores are holding a Twilight DVD midnight release party! and why would one pass that up?! It's kinda like a 'free-gift-with-purchase' deal to me, since you're buying the DVD already, the release party is kinda like the 'free gift' part! I understand how it might be embarrassing for most people to be a super fan of the saga, but I have no shame! As soon as I found out that they were having release parties, I promised myself that I would preorder so that I would get invited to the come back to Hot Topic for the release which, if you can't see on the picture - is being held on November 20-21st from 10pm-1am! Gosh, as I'm blogging about this, and reading back, I'm seeing how pathetic this might sound to people who have no idea what Twilight is about.. haha WHATEVER! Aside from the actual invitation itself, shown in the picture is the Twilight gift card that is basically a voucher to pick up your dvd. So I guess that's pretty much all I wanted to blog about.. but BTW is anyone else pissed that Dakota Fanning has been confirmed to play 'Jane' in New Moon?! WTF! I have nothing against her as an actress, but I really liked the fact that the cast of Twilight were actors that were low-key. bahh I've talked to much about that with friends already, so I'm now slowly trying to get over it. WAAAAAAAIT! Also, I hear that Drew Barrymore is one of the directors being considered to direct Eclipse! I don't know how I feel about that one yet.. what is the world coming to?! hahaha!

New subject! So this week, I saw one of my friends that I knew from way back, and she freakin looks AMAAAAAAAAAZING! like 'ZOMG' amazing.. she's lost a lot of weight, and on top of that, her skin is absolutely gorgeous! I would say her name, but I'm not sure if she would mind - and I'm just to lazy to ask her for permission! (but if you're reading this, you know who you are!) Anyways, so before I saw her, I've been seriously bummed out about my fatness.. and I guess that seeing her just motivated me even more to lose weight and just be healthy overall. We'll see where that road takes me.. So today I walked my dog and met up with Rica since she's been jogging a lot lately. All was well until my dog started getting lazy to the point where I almost had to drag him! he got soooo tired that I hand fed him water.. I felt so bad for him! He probably thought we were just gonna go on a light stroll - but little did he know! I love walking/jogging with my dog, but it's so not fun when he likes to stop at every tree or bush to 'mark his territory!' After walking in residential areas, we ended up at our local park! They built new stuff on the extra land they have, and it looks soo serene! The picture shown was when the sun was pretty much down, but it's not bad for a camera phone picture! I took it from up top the stairs/walk way.. if you squint a little you can see that theres a walk way, and a sement lap around the grass! There's also benches and BBQ grills! It could possibly be a romantic date place! =) Ok, maybe the picture is a little dark, but oh well! After we walked, we went to play tennis -- which we both pretty much suck at! It was already getting cold, but after 30 short minutes, I was dripping sweat! So, I'm tired now.. I'm just gonna finish this off already! I hope you all had a great weekend! and I hope you have a great work/school week! Goodnight/Good Morning! (whatever it may be for you!)


  1. I can't wait for the movie to come out!! Lucky you for getting to go to the release party, i bet it will be heckkkkka packed! Oh and yes I'm not too happy about dakota fanning being jane either I also liked that all the actors were low key it's so much better that way. I also think it's so crazy how they keep changing the directors and since they all have different styles I hope they don't ruin the movies and change them but yeah...I better stop now! lol

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