Monday, March 2, 2009

FML! lent is killing me, but saving my wallet!

So, I know lent barely started last wednesday, but I'm already freakin' dying here! I gave up fast food, soda, shopping (for clothes, shoes, & accessories), and buying makeup for 40 days! ahhhhhh! To me, giving up fast food and soda is pretty easy.. and on top of that I'm saving more money by eating at home rather than paying at a drive-thru. Giving up shopping is kinda difficult for me, because it is SOOOOOOOO hard for me to pass up a good sale or clearance item! haha but damn, -- giving up buying makeup/cosmetics is just plain insanity! It's killing me right now! My boo just reminded me that it's only 36 more days til easter, but it still seems so far away.

And it just so happens that so many places are having good sales online.. i think is having a STILA sale, and is having a 15% off entire purchase + free shipping on any orders over $35.. I just got a little sadder as i typed that last sentence =( ah but I gotta resist temptation and I'm gonna be nice and show you the codes so at least someone can get a good deal!


Get FREE Shipping on orders of $35 or more! Enter code SHIP35 at checkout!

  • Code: J89LM

  • How much: 15%off

  • Sale Ends: March 7th

Hope you enjoyed my whining..

<33 natalie jo


  1. hey boo! woohoooooooo you got a blog! ;] now i'm gonna add you to my blogroll! HOLLERR! lmao. but anyway, i didn't do much for lent this year =/ i only gave up candy+chocolate. it'll only be a bitch when my "girl thang" comes around! hahah cuz that's all i crave for =( but whatev. but DANG GIRL you gave up MY LIFE! shopping?! how is that possible?!?! haha! jk, you can do it!!!! save that moolah, girlfriend! ;]

  2. You can do it girly! Just try not to go to the mall or look online. haha..

  3. GIRRRL I HELLA GAVE UP FASTFOOD TOO ! & where i work at girl thas all u see around here , & i rarely bring food from home so im like stuck . lol i mean i can do it without going to fastfood places it just when your reallly HUNGRY ugh .

    and shopping girrrl damn thats a big as sacrafice id understand if u gave up like one thing but u pretty much gave up errything . hang in there girl u doin a goood deed just know that ;D !

    i shall follow &put u on my blogroll yeee' !