Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clipless Curling Iron? + current nails

So, last weekend I was seriously bored - so I decided that while I waited for my family to get ready to leave on a tiny road trip to Cabazon/Morongo, I'm gonna mess around with my hair! I just took out an old curling iron that I don't use any more (because I usually curl my hair with my flat iron) and curled my hair! Wanna know how I got the kinda curls shown in this picture?? Well.... I've been so jealous watching all these YT gurus using their 'enzo milano' brand clipless ceramic curling irons - ESPECIALLY the bi-tube curling irons! Since I was so mad.. I figured, well I'm gonna use the curling iron I have and make it work! Now, I've seen youtube heads do the same thing with their regular curling irons, but they usually unscrew the clip off the iron. I truly didn't feel like going through the hassle of doing that, so I just waited for my curling iron to heat up - then I wrapped my hair around the iron in about 1-2 inch setions, clip and all! TRUST! It works exactly the same way an 'enzo milano' or an unscrewed curling iron would.. I just did it the lazy way and found that it worked pretty damn good! (at least I think it did!) &&& It only took about 20-30 minutes. It's so easy that your boyfriend can help you do it! You just gotta wrap hair around a tube! Haha! I couldn't get every part of the back of my hair, so my boyfriend assisted me after I forced him to learn! Coming from a girl who NEVER used her curling iron, then ending up with these results - and not even using the iron the way it was meant to be used, I think I had a good first experiene! Let me know what you think! P.S. sorry that I only had one picture.. I was kinda in a rush! =D P.S.S. my man friend is totally gonna kill me for posting that picture! heh heh heh!

OPI: Pistol Packin' Pink (soft pinkish-nude w/ a subtle sheen)
**Yes, I know they're solid/plain.. It's just that I wasn't at home when I gave myself a manicure, and for some odd reason I always feel like I NEED to be in my room when I 'design' my nails, because all of my supplies are there! +++ I think my nails look nice and fresh with my newly filed, square tip nails! &&& BTW, It's rare for me to find a nude polish that actually looks nice.. if I do say so, myself! No worries, I'll conjure up a nail design tomorrow, or the next day - but it'll probably be very simple - because I'm feelin' the look of simplicity and class!**


  1. Love the hair and your picture of the week is halarious. Go girl. haha..