Thursday, March 26, 2009


So on Tuesday evening, my friend Jez & I went to venture out on some good eats (like we always do, when we're together!) Rica had already told me she's been to Ketchup, a trendy restaurant in the 'dolce group' in West Hollywood, CA - &&& I've seen it on "The Hills" a couple seasons ago, so I wanted to try it out! Prior to this time, I've read plenty of reviews on Ketchup, as I usually do with restaurants I've never been to - and there were super mixed review about it, so I didn't go there when I had the chance before because of those damn reviews! But lemme tell you right now, I think that Ketchup was BOMBEEEEEZY! Good eats, for sure! I guess it's just preference? Come here if you have some $$$ laying around and you're ready to put down money for great service, location, food, & especially VIEW! But anywho, to sum up this section of my blog -- Me & Jez had a good time, with deep talks, & happy bellies! =D I leave you now, with pic-chassss!


(In the picture above, the window view you see is on the right..
when we were there, that window was completely open,
so you can see EVERYTHING & EVERYONE
driving and walking on Sunset Blvd.
perfect view of Sunset & THE sunset!)

(the bottom pic is what it really looked
like when we were there.. red lights! pretty!)

To start off (free): they're version of a bread basket with thick ass butter, and strong ass mustard(i think it was mustard? or maybe it was horseradish) for dipping/spreading sauces!

Included in the bread basket was 2 servings of a pretzel stick, pretzel (teardrop shaped) bread, and a super mini cornbread!
(sorry if the lighting sucks!)

Appetizer/Side: Dungeness Crab Mac 'n' Cheese w/ white truffle! (need I say more?! Best believe we murdered that little dish with our forks! haha)

Around some time in the beginning.. there was a waitress with a moving mini bar cart offering samples of their popular martinis! I tried the 'summer love' martini.. and it's fizzy because it's topped off with champagne! yummmm..

Now, this is the what they're famous for! They're variety in different flavored Ketchup! We ordered truffle fries, and with that came these 5 famous ketchups! I'm too lazy to check the flavor names, but I'm sure of 3.. the one at the very bottom is 'chipotle' ketchup, the middle is 'wasabi' ketchup, and the 2nd one from the top is 'mango' ketchup! they were all bomb! especially the 2 on the bottom!

The Main Courses:

Grilled Alaskan Salmon
lemon-chardonnay reduction, with
sauteed kale and roasted fingerling potatoes

Niman Ranch Pork Chops
Bourbon glazed, with cheddar grits
homemade apple sauce with pea shoot salad

The bill:

(not gonna say much, but be ready to pay
$31 to $50 per person! thanks, Jez!)

Two ladies w/ Happy hearts, and Stuffed Bellies!

Jez & Meeeeeeee!

This was the most complicated blog ever.. so leave some LOOOOOOOOOVE! Hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope you got hungry while you read and saw through it!! =D


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THANK YOU, Aimee & Niya for 'awarding' my blog!

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant."

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

The rules:
1.When you receive this award, show that you're happy to the giver.
2.Nominate at least 5 blogs, that you think rocks.
3.Let them know about award in their post.
4.Now blog like you've never blogged before

10 HONEST facts about yours truly:
1. I first got into/started wearing makeup when I was in 7th grade! Just straight up eyeliner, mascara, and powder! (i wish i had discovered blush back then, too!)

2. I've never been attracted to men of my ethnicity/nationality! -- it's no offense to filipinos or asian men or whatever, It's just my personal preference, so don't get all crazy! I love being a Filipina, and sure - some Filipino and Asians are gorgeous.. but just not my type!

3. As you can see in the side bar, my manfriend is definitely not filipino! haha if you really wanna know what he is.. just ask! But I will tell you one thing -- we're not the same nationality(obviously) & we follow different religions!

4. I don't mean to make this all about me & my boo, but I waited until after high school/end of senior year to be in a relationship, simply because I didn't want any bullsh*t - I wanted me a MAN! and that's exactly what I got.. he treats me like a queen; respects and loves me for exactly who I am, and I really could not ask for someone better than him. =) I've truly got my own personal 'Edward Cullen'

5. I have a youtube channel, and I make beauty videos on it! (natjotua) Check me out, and Subscribe if you like me!! &&& Follow me on twitter!

6. Like any other makeup junkie, I have wayyyy too many beauty products a single person should have!

7. When I got shopping, I am absolutely NO joke with bargain shopping.. I go straight to the clearance and sale racks before I look at the new stuff - no matter where I, whether it be clothing, makeup, groceries, or junk! If there's a red tag on it, chances are that I'll buy it if i like it and the price is right!

8. I'm a young Nurse! Licensed Vocational Nurse, to be exact! I was one of the youngest people in my graduating class (vocational school). I plan to go back to school for my RN in june (my bday month!)

9. I love reading now. I hated it in high school, but now, I straight up pleasure read! I LOOOOOOOOVE the Twilight Saga! ahhh anything for Edward Cullen! &&& I like Harry Potter!

10. hmm, I don't know what to say... I drive a 2008 Nissan Altima in pearl white! =) she's my baby! I love my car!

(i know some of these girls have already been tagged, but I really do love their blogs!)








Well, hope you ladies enjoyed this! I really did! =D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clipless Curling Iron? + current nails

So, last weekend I was seriously bored - so I decided that while I waited for my family to get ready to leave on a tiny road trip to Cabazon/Morongo, I'm gonna mess around with my hair! I just took out an old curling iron that I don't use any more (because I usually curl my hair with my flat iron) and curled my hair! Wanna know how I got the kinda curls shown in this picture?? Well.... I've been so jealous watching all these YT gurus using their 'enzo milano' brand clipless ceramic curling irons - ESPECIALLY the bi-tube curling irons! Since I was so mad.. I figured, well I'm gonna use the curling iron I have and make it work! Now, I've seen youtube heads do the same thing with their regular curling irons, but they usually unscrew the clip off the iron. I truly didn't feel like going through the hassle of doing that, so I just waited for my curling iron to heat up - then I wrapped my hair around the iron in about 1-2 inch setions, clip and all! TRUST! It works exactly the same way an 'enzo milano' or an unscrewed curling iron would.. I just did it the lazy way and found that it worked pretty damn good! (at least I think it did!) &&& It only took about 20-30 minutes. It's so easy that your boyfriend can help you do it! You just gotta wrap hair around a tube! Haha! I couldn't get every part of the back of my hair, so my boyfriend assisted me after I forced him to learn! Coming from a girl who NEVER used her curling iron, then ending up with these results - and not even using the iron the way it was meant to be used, I think I had a good first experiene! Let me know what you think! P.S. sorry that I only had one picture.. I was kinda in a rush! =D P.S.S. my man friend is totally gonna kill me for posting that picture! heh heh heh!

OPI: Pistol Packin' Pink (soft pinkish-nude w/ a subtle sheen)
**Yes, I know they're solid/plain.. It's just that I wasn't at home when I gave myself a manicure, and for some odd reason I always feel like I NEED to be in my room when I 'design' my nails, because all of my supplies are there! +++ I think my nails look nice and fresh with my newly filed, square tip nails! &&& BTW, It's rare for me to find a nude polish that actually looks nice.. if I do say so, myself! No worries, I'll conjure up a nail design tomorrow, or the next day - but it'll probably be very simple - because I'm feelin' the look of simplicity and class!**

Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend recap

Friday, I went to the Hot Topic TWILIGHT DVD release 'party' -- which wasn't much of a party at all, but me and Rica made do with what it was! haha bahh I'm a little to lazy to type out every detail but here's a quick recap! The DVDs we got were the 2-disc special edition sets with an actual film cell included from the original movie! I'm guessing that all the people who pre-ordered from select Hot Topic stores were the only ones who got the film cell in their DVDs! So I'm happy to have a collectible from the movie! =) I think I'm gonna also buy the one from Borders if it goes on sale, because I'm not about to dish out $40 for another DVD, however - I am FOR SURE ordering the 3-disc set because I want to see what it includes! (yes, I'm nuts. and I'll own 2-3 copies of the movie just because I'm a die-hard fan like that!)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hmm.. this week went by so fast that it seriously didn't even cross my mind that I haven't been blogging! But now that I look back.. not much happened - beauty wise! I've still been very minimal with my makeup because all I do is run errands, run around tracks, or run my mouth! haha jk about the last one.. maybe?! lol! (so this picture is basically what i look like, minus the red lips! haha i was too lazy to take a picture right now, but it's the same ol', same ol' brows winged liner, mascara, and blush deal.. and sometimes even w/o liner!)

Well yeah tomorrow should be the more eventful type of day because the plan is to work out a little earlier in the day with one of my besties, Rica.. she's gonna take me on this new trail that she discovered so we can sight see and jog/walk! Also, if you guys have been keeping up with me, or with twilight.. you know that I'm gonna be at the Twilight DVD midnight release party at hot topic with Rica!!! We are SOOO ESSITED! (see previous posts about Twilight) haha! So of course I'm gonna get spiffed up, because what if someone from the cast shows up?!? (they're doing random location surprises!) I mean, I highly doubt that any of them will show up at the hot topic that I'm gonna be at - but a girl can dream, right??! Even if no one special comes, I'm still gonna get ready because I feel like being pretty, k!? So what kind of look should i do with my makeup???? I'm thinking purples? or maybe even a twilight smokey blue/black?! SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE! Whatever it is that I do, it's for sure gonna be a smokey look and when I decide, I'll take some pictures and show you ladies!

I got 'awarded' by my girl Aimee (vietxpinay) & Neeyuh @ ( but this blog is a little long already, and I gotta get to bed, so I'll probably post about it tomorrow! See ya, ladies!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Perfect French Tips!

So, right now I just finished recording a video tutorial of me demonstrating how I get the 'perfect french mani' and it is currently uploading on YT.. once it uploads, I'll link the video in, but for now - enjoy some pictures!

click here to view my video

BTW, these pictures are all taken without flash.. the lighting used was just a regular desk lamp =)

Products Used:

Jade: snow white
NYX girls: candy pink
Jordana: quick shine top coat
ULTA: concealer brush (for precise tips)
100% acetone

If you have any questions, you can message me on my YT channel - Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nail of the WEEK

So, I'm a little late on posting this, but I've been super sick this week and just a little lazy to post things! So here's my nail of the week (or nail of the moment, because I'm quickly getting sick of this design!)

Products Used:
China Glaze - base coat
Mirage - cappuccino (base color)
China Glaze - sexy lady (hot pink)
Jade -asteroid caress (purple glitter)
Maroon rhinestones
Jordana - quick shine top coat

Basically what the design is, is a 'check mark' tipped nail.. This week I wanted something easy and low maintenance - touching up is easy for this type of design, as is with any other 'tipped' design. Also, glitter polish lasts forever, and rarely chips! I just added the rhinestones because I have them, but never use them.. I think they kinda killed it though.. whatevs! Both these pictures don't actually show the polishes true color, but you get the idea.. and YES that is a bowl of pho in this picture haha! I was out with the boo, and while he paid.. i took pictures of my nails. =) Camera phone picture quality isn't to shabby!

That's it! Follow me on twitter, because that's easier for me to update! ( I probably won't be making any videos too soon because this sickness is taking over my life! I'm super congested and my cough is not the biz...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend recap & Twilight DVD release stuff!

Ok so, makeup-wise, this past weekend was nothing special, just rocked the 'everyday makeup' face the whole weekend -- which for me, consists of MSF medium dark, blush, winged liner, brows, & mascara. I didn't really go anywhere that required the 'full-on face' thing.

Now onto a more exciting note (for me at least), On Sunday, Me and one of my besties Rica, went to Hot Topic to pre-order our Twilight DVDs! SOOOO essited! haha the total came out to around $27.. which for me was pretty decent, especially since the Twilight craze is insane right now.. AND no, that doesn't break the shopping thing I gave up for lent, beacause it wasn't clothes, accessories, or makeup! (but even if it were considered shopping, I don't care! anything for Edward Cullen! -hence, my Edward Cullen pillow case that has made an appearance on my YT channel! lol) So The reason why we preordered, is because select Hop Topic stores are holding a Twilight DVD midnight release party! and why would one pass that up?! It's kinda like a 'free-gift-with-purchase' deal to me, since you're buying the DVD already, the release party is kinda like the 'free gift' part! I understand how it might be embarrassing for most people to be a super fan of the saga, but I have no shame! As soon as I found out that they were having release parties, I promised myself that I would preorder so that I would get invited to the come back to Hot Topic for the release which, if you can't see on the picture - is being held on November 20-21st from 10pm-1am! Gosh, as I'm blogging about this, and reading back, I'm seeing how pathetic this might sound to people who have no idea what Twilight is about.. haha WHATEVER! Aside from the actual invitation itself, shown in the picture is the Twilight gift card that is basically a voucher to pick up your dvd. So I guess that's pretty much all I wanted to blog about.. but BTW is anyone else pissed that Dakota Fanning has been confirmed to play 'Jane' in New Moon?! WTF! I have nothing against her as an actress, but I really liked the fact that the cast of Twilight were actors that were low-key. bahh I've talked to much about that with friends already, so I'm now slowly trying to get over it. WAAAAAAAIT! Also, I hear that Drew Barrymore is one of the directors being considered to direct Eclipse! I don't know how I feel about that one yet.. what is the world coming to?! hahaha!

New subject! So this week, I saw one of my friends that I knew from way back, and she freakin looks AMAAAAAAAAAZING! like 'ZOMG' amazing.. she's lost a lot of weight, and on top of that, her skin is absolutely gorgeous! I would say her name, but I'm not sure if she would mind - and I'm just to lazy to ask her for permission! (but if you're reading this, you know who you are!) Anyways, so before I saw her, I've been seriously bummed out about my fatness.. and I guess that seeing her just motivated me even more to lose weight and just be healthy overall. We'll see where that road takes me.. So today I walked my dog and met up with Rica since she's been jogging a lot lately. All was well until my dog started getting lazy to the point where I almost had to drag him! he got soooo tired that I hand fed him water.. I felt so bad for him! He probably thought we were just gonna go on a light stroll - but little did he know! I love walking/jogging with my dog, but it's so not fun when he likes to stop at every tree or bush to 'mark his territory!' After walking in residential areas, we ended up at our local park! They built new stuff on the extra land they have, and it looks soo serene! The picture shown was when the sun was pretty much down, but it's not bad for a camera phone picture! I took it from up top the stairs/walk way.. if you squint a little you can see that theres a walk way, and a sement lap around the grass! There's also benches and BBQ grills! It could possibly be a romantic date place! =) Ok, maybe the picture is a little dark, but oh well! After we walked, we went to play tennis -- which we both pretty much suck at! It was already getting cold, but after 30 short minutes, I was dripping sweat! So, I'm tired now.. I'm just gonna finish this off already! I hope you all had a great weekend! and I hope you have a great work/school week! Goodnight/Good Morning! (whatever it may be for you!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


UHMMMM!! So, if you didn't already know, I am a die-hard TWILIGHT SAGA fan and when I came across these two videos, I nearly screamed into my pillow out of excitement! I mean, am I the only one who's panties got a little wet when she saw this?! hahaha i know, I'm a little gross.. but that's what Twilight does to me! Ahhhh I can't wait til the twilight DVD release!! as of right now, theres only 14 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes, and 30 seconds, til it comes out... but who's counting?? haha so, I shall leave you with this video in hopes that it shows up in this blog!

So, if you're a fan of Twilight, turn down my music, and indulge in these extended scenes!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nail of the WEEK?

So, those who watch me on youtube ( know that I love doin' my nails, so this week I just decided to do something fairly simple and easy that I've done in the past -- which is a wannabe plaid design, but I just switched up the colors a bit.. this one might look a little wonky, because I did it in literally like 20 minutes, but ehh as long as I have something on my nails, I'm happy! =D

BTW, if you're interested in the actual concept of a plaid nail design, feel free to check out 'Burberry Nails' >>
on my YT channel.. I made the video a little while ago, so you might have to rummage through my video list!

Enjoy, ladies! Feedback always makes me a happy camper!

Products Used:
China Glaze strong adhesion base coat
China Glaze
"for audrey"
no brand white polish
Art Deco
glittery black nail art stiper
purple nail art stiper
& of course, my Holy Grail top coat >
Jordana quick shine top coat! (only $1 and it works like freakin crystal gel! and it literally dries in 60 seconds.. which is perfect for someone like me because I'm constantly busy and using my hands!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

feelin' blue FOTD! =D

So, this is a look i did last weekend randomly! It's been a while since I pulled out my deep truth MAC eyeshadow, because the last time i used it, I looked like a hot ass mess! But this time I just toughed it out and wanted to make it work, and i think it did! Some girls liked it! =) enjoy!





revlon colorstay foundation -golden caramel
studio finish concealer in nw30
mac MSF medium dark
mac emote (contour)
mac harmony (blush)
mac margin (highlight)

stawberry carmex

mac painterly p/p
mac delft p/p
mac shroom e/s
mac wedge e/s
mac cork e/s
mac deep truth e/s
almay liquid liner in black
maybelline great lash macara
Elite wispy falsies

mac brow kit in porcelain/browning
studio finish concealer in nw35


Monday, March 2, 2009

FML! lent is killing me, but saving my wallet!

So, I know lent barely started last wednesday, but I'm already freakin' dying here! I gave up fast food, soda, shopping (for clothes, shoes, & accessories), and buying makeup for 40 days! ahhhhhh! To me, giving up fast food and soda is pretty easy.. and on top of that I'm saving more money by eating at home rather than paying at a drive-thru. Giving up shopping is kinda difficult for me, because it is SOOOOOOOO hard for me to pass up a good sale or clearance item! haha but damn, -- giving up buying makeup/cosmetics is just plain insanity! It's killing me right now! My boo just reminded me that it's only 36 more days til easter, but it still seems so far away.

And it just so happens that so many places are having good sales online.. i think is having a STILA sale, and is having a 15% off entire purchase + free shipping on any orders over $35.. I just got a little sadder as i typed that last sentence =( ah but I gotta resist temptation and I'm gonna be nice and show you the codes so at least someone can get a good deal!


Get FREE Shipping on orders of $35 or more! Enter code SHIP35 at checkout!

  • Code: J89LM

  • How much: 15%off

  • Sale Ends: March 7th

Hope you enjoyed my whining..

<33 natalie jo