Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nail of the WEEK

So, I'm a little late on posting this, but I've been super sick this week and just a little lazy to post things! So here's my nail of the week (or nail of the moment, because I'm quickly getting sick of this design!)

Products Used:
China Glaze - base coat
Mirage - cappuccino (base color)
China Glaze - sexy lady (hot pink)
Jade -asteroid caress (purple glitter)
Maroon rhinestones
Jordana - quick shine top coat

Basically what the design is, is a 'check mark' tipped nail.. This week I wanted something easy and low maintenance - touching up is easy for this type of design, as is with any other 'tipped' design. Also, glitter polish lasts forever, and rarely chips! I just added the rhinestones because I have them, but never use them.. I think they kinda killed it though.. whatevs! Both these pictures don't actually show the polishes true color, but you get the idea.. and YES that is a bowl of pho in this picture haha! I was out with the boo, and while he paid.. i took pictures of my nails. =) Camera phone picture quality isn't to shabby!

That's it! Follow me on twitter, because that's easier for me to update! ( I probably won't be making any videos too soon because this sickness is taking over my life! I'm super congested and my cough is not the biz...


  1. Lovely nails! And I too am also a Twilight fan! I love mr. edward cullen....sigh haha

  2. i LOVE this boo!! i get SO motherfuckn tired of my nail designs, SO QUICK! i did my nails two nights ago, and i just re-did them again tonight at work, LMAO! i mean, you stare at 'em 24/7 so i'm like, WTF i need to change you! hahahahaha.

  3. i know! i hate that.. i already feel like changing mine!