Friday, March 20, 2009


Hmm.. this week went by so fast that it seriously didn't even cross my mind that I haven't been blogging! But now that I look back.. not much happened - beauty wise! I've still been very minimal with my makeup because all I do is run errands, run around tracks, or run my mouth! haha jk about the last one.. maybe?! lol! (so this picture is basically what i look like, minus the red lips! haha i was too lazy to take a picture right now, but it's the same ol', same ol' brows winged liner, mascara, and blush deal.. and sometimes even w/o liner!)

Well yeah tomorrow should be the more eventful type of day because the plan is to work out a little earlier in the day with one of my besties, Rica.. she's gonna take me on this new trail that she discovered so we can sight see and jog/walk! Also, if you guys have been keeping up with me, or with twilight.. you know that I'm gonna be at the Twilight DVD midnight release party at hot topic with Rica!!! We are SOOO ESSITED! (see previous posts about Twilight) haha! So of course I'm gonna get spiffed up, because what if someone from the cast shows up?!? (they're doing random location surprises!) I mean, I highly doubt that any of them will show up at the hot topic that I'm gonna be at - but a girl can dream, right??! Even if no one special comes, I'm still gonna get ready because I feel like being pretty, k!? So what kind of look should i do with my makeup???? I'm thinking purples? or maybe even a twilight smokey blue/black?! SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE! Whatever it is that I do, it's for sure gonna be a smokey look and when I decide, I'll take some pictures and show you ladies!

I got 'awarded' by my girl Aimee (vietxpinay) & Neeyuh @ ( but this blog is a little long already, and I gotta get to bed, so I'll probably post about it tomorrow! See ya, ladies!

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  1. hun i didnt know u bn bloggin already too! so cool! i miss youtube! i havnt been makin any vids lately. Really? they hv darkness falsies at 99 ranch? gotta check them out. btw red lips look great on u!