Saturday, May 16, 2009

TAG + nail of the (last) week included!

I've been such a sucky blogger lately, but at least in doing it now! =D

I got tagged by Niya @ Peace.Love.Makeup

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

Yes, this is truly a picture with no primping or nothin! As you can see, This is a webcam photo - I'm already in my sleeping dress/shirt and my face is oily from not retouching my making for about 12 hours! I'm just sittin on my bed resting from a LOOONG day at work, and this is me - almost to the max!

Also included in this picture are my nails, kinda.. I just wanted to kill two birds with one stone so yeah, my nails were LAKER FEVER this past week but no one really noticed because the purple was too dark to be noticed as purple.. it just looked black.

China Glaze's "VII" & "Solar Power." I used a dotting tool to do the opposite color on the nails (purple with yellow dots, and yellow with purple dots) - and my HG top coat by Jordana! Nothing dramatic or difficult, just whatever nails.. I think I'm gonna re-do them later on today since I FINALLY don't have work on a sunday! =D

K, so that's it for now, I dont know who to tag that hasn't been tagged yet!

Uhm, I tag:



& MarieTejero

K, by loves! Hope to blog soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Damn, it's been a while + Update!

As the title says, its truly been a while! A LOT has been going on in my life lately - and if you tune in to my YouTube videos, you would kinda get the gist of what's happenin with me! Long story short, I haven't been updating my YT channel, Blogger, or posting on Twitter because *drumroll please* I have a job now! I actually have 2! lol So yeah, I'm finally putting my hard earned nursing license to use! I took such a long "vacation" just chillin and whatnot, because I just couldn't find a job... or maybe I wasn't trying hard enough? LOL! So I guess yay for me! It's just been really hard to find actual time to update ya'll on my life because my schedule hasn't really been so steady, but I can finally say that starting next week, it will be! I wanna bring in the $$ before I hopefully start RN school so that I don't have to ask anyone for money. Ahhh enough about working, all you need to know and all I want you to know is that I'm finally a working girl with a nice career that I hope to expand that soon!

I really haven't been wearing much makeup.. if I get lucky and have time, i'll usually wear my winged liner, mascara, and blush! I can actually count the number of times I've worn eyeshadow this past April! So sad, huh? I'm too lazy to go back and pull up old pictures, so I'll just update with what happened on Monday, the 27th of April - my 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH MY MANFRIEND! =D

(on our way to dinner @ Spago in Beverly Hills by
Wolfgang Puck, who we actually met!
You can't really tell, but my makeup is pretty much
a smokey eye using the Kat Von D palette,
Beauty Marked or Nocturnelle?, & Shroom)

(After dinner! sorry, I'm too lazy to
post pics of the yummy Food!)

(the bill $$$$$$$)

(the next morning, at the Santa Monica Pier & beach!
lol, we look SOOOO tired in this picture!)

Happy 3 Year Anni to us! I love him so much!