Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, I've been pretty much M.I.A./neglecting blogger, twitter, and ESPECIALLY YouTube - because babygirl recently got a job! Finally, right?! haha So I've just been really focused on training and work because my schedule is pretty chaotic. Any down time I have is usually being spent with my man, working out with Rica, or being with friends and family - because obviously, those things/people come first in my life! But, I gotta do what I gotta do! Make that $$$ so I can make it rain one day! =D ahah!

Mmmm.. what else? Last week I received a package in the mail, and of course I got excited! Who doesn't? Anyway - it was a swap package from my girl, NIYA! I wanted to buy two MAC lippies from her, but we ended up swapping! This was my first time swapping, so I was pretty excited about that, too! I'm too lazy to type everything out and stuff, so I'll just leave you with a picure - in hopes that you all can figure out what came with the swap! All I can say is that she included wayyyy more than I asked for - so I was a happy girl! =D

(Fine, I'll label! besides all the candy, there's 3 piggie
samples in Rushmetal, Melon, & Provence.. The lippies
you see - MAC L/S in 'kinda sexy', a smackers lip balm,
and a MAC slimshine in 'flattering' - she also included a
leopard hair flower! and I LOVES leopard!.. a lipgloss from PF?
I think.. and lastly, a note! whoops! also she included some
REVLON falsies that I forgot to include in the pic!)

That's it for now! So hopefully I blog again.. I've got a lot to show ya'll! =D