Thursday, March 26, 2009


So on Tuesday evening, my friend Jez & I went to venture out on some good eats (like we always do, when we're together!) Rica had already told me she's been to Ketchup, a trendy restaurant in the 'dolce group' in West Hollywood, CA - &&& I've seen it on "The Hills" a couple seasons ago, so I wanted to try it out! Prior to this time, I've read plenty of reviews on Ketchup, as I usually do with restaurants I've never been to - and there were super mixed review about it, so I didn't go there when I had the chance before because of those damn reviews! But lemme tell you right now, I think that Ketchup was BOMBEEEEEZY! Good eats, for sure! I guess it's just preference? Come here if you have some $$$ laying around and you're ready to put down money for great service, location, food, & especially VIEW! But anywho, to sum up this section of my blog -- Me & Jez had a good time, with deep talks, & happy bellies! =D I leave you now, with pic-chassss!


(In the picture above, the window view you see is on the right..
when we were there, that window was completely open,
so you can see EVERYTHING & EVERYONE
driving and walking on Sunset Blvd.
perfect view of Sunset & THE sunset!)

(the bottom pic is what it really looked
like when we were there.. red lights! pretty!)

To start off (free): they're version of a bread basket with thick ass butter, and strong ass mustard(i think it was mustard? or maybe it was horseradish) for dipping/spreading sauces!

Included in the bread basket was 2 servings of a pretzel stick, pretzel (teardrop shaped) bread, and a super mini cornbread!
(sorry if the lighting sucks!)

Appetizer/Side: Dungeness Crab Mac 'n' Cheese w/ white truffle! (need I say more?! Best believe we murdered that little dish with our forks! haha)

Around some time in the beginning.. there was a waitress with a moving mini bar cart offering samples of their popular martinis! I tried the 'summer love' martini.. and it's fizzy because it's topped off with champagne! yummmm..

Now, this is the what they're famous for! They're variety in different flavored Ketchup! We ordered truffle fries, and with that came these 5 famous ketchups! I'm too lazy to check the flavor names, but I'm sure of 3.. the one at the very bottom is 'chipotle' ketchup, the middle is 'wasabi' ketchup, and the 2nd one from the top is 'mango' ketchup! they were all bomb! especially the 2 on the bottom!

The Main Courses:

Grilled Alaskan Salmon
lemon-chardonnay reduction, with
sauteed kale and roasted fingerling potatoes

Niman Ranch Pork Chops
Bourbon glazed, with cheddar grits
homemade apple sauce with pea shoot salad

The bill:

(not gonna say much, but be ready to pay
$31 to $50 per person! thanks, Jez!)

Two ladies w/ Happy hearts, and Stuffed Bellies!

Jez & Meeeeeeee!

This was the most complicated blog ever.. so leave some LOOOOOOOOOVE! Hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope you got hungry while you read and saw through it!! =D



  1. p.s. don't worry.. i sweated my ass off working out today! lol

  2. Oooo i shall try that when i get down there. I seen this on the HILLs . ;D u food looks delish !

  3. OooOO la la.. That looks like a fun and yummy place to go to.

  4. I remember that place from the hills! I soo wanna go there now! Everything looks so good, you and your friend are gorgeous!! :)

  5. definately yummy! if ya'll go there, make sure to bring a full stomach.. and in return, you'll leave with full tummies!

  6. looks like a nice place to check out and martini samples? im so going there lol!

  7. LMAO! why was this blog complicated?! adding all the pictures, captions, and laying it out?! haha, i feel you girl!! but that food looks YUMMMMM. i'm definately down to going to CALI just for the FOOOOOOOD hahahaha.